Custom Design of the Cards and Marbles game board is our speciality.  
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Contact us with your original ideas.  We are experienced custom designers.'re Alvin & Martha Pierce, our apprentice is Brei Thompson.

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Please visit our new website!
Alaska Cards
Marbles Game

Our Cards and Marbles
board game is made up of
six interlocking board
pieces, 16" X 4" (at the
widest part), custom laser
engraved with Alaskan  
scenes on hardy 1/2" thick
Alaska birch.  The game
boards can be configured to
play two, three, four or six

Our Alaska Cards and
Marbles game includes
the six interlocking board
pieces, game
instructions, 30 marbles,
(five each of six colors),
and three decks of
playing cards.

Everything is included to
start playing and having fun
right away for the price of
$100 including shipping.