Alaska Cards
Marbles Game
Cards & Marbles is a very popular board game played throughout the United States.  It is a game of
strategy, revenge, a little finesse and lots of luck.  

We're long time Alaskans Alvin & Martha Pierce.  We have a small home laser engraving business.  We
also love playing board games.  We've developed our own Alaska version of the old time
Cards and
game using our laser engraver.  

Our board game is made up of six interlocking pieces, 16" x 4" (at the widest part), custom laser
engraved with Alaskan scenes on hardy 1/2" thick Alaska birch.   The game boards can be configured
to play two, three, four, or six players.  

Cards & Marbles  is played individually or in teams.  The object of the game is to be the first to move
your five marbles around the board from your start area to your home area.  Team players help their
partners until one teams wins.  Moves are determined by drawing cards.  Jokers hold the most power
of all.  It's a lot of fun playing with friends.   

Our Alaska  
Cards & Marbles game contains six  1/2" custom laser engraved Alaska birch board
pieces, game instructions, 30 marbles, ( five each of six colors), and three decks of playing cards.  
Everything is included to start playing and having fun right away for the  price of $100.00.   

Cards & Marbles games can be ordered with your choice of pictures on the game boards.  
Board pieces are available laser engraved with:

  •        brown bear
  •        caribou
  •        momma moose
  •        bull moose
  •        sheep
  •        wolves
  •        eagle
  •        loon
  •        King salmon
  •        wild iris
  •        wild rose
  •       Alaska forget-me-not the state flower
  •        Alaskan log cabin

Custom engraving of your original ideas is our speciality.  Contact us with your ideas.  

You choose the six laser engraved board pieces  and we  ship a complete ready-to-play
Cards and
board game to you for the price of $100 including shipping.  
We're Alvin & Martha Pierce, our apprentice is Brei Thompson.
Contact us:

Phone: 907-262-7456 (Alaska Time)

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